Oaks of Iowa

Distribution Maps

  • [IA] [US]  Quercus alba ----------- White Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus bicolor -------- Swamp White Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus ellipsoidalis --- Hill's Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus imbricaria ----- Shingle Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus macrocarpa --- Bur Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus marilandica --- Blackjack Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus muehlenbergii - Chinquapin Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus palustris ------- Pin Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus prinoides ------ Dwarf Chinquapin Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus rubra ---------- Red Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus stellata -------- Post Oak
  • [IA] [US]  Quercus velutina ------- Black Oak
          [IA]: Distribution in Iowa
          [US]: Distribution in continental United States
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Which oaks are present in each county? I'd like to see: voucher specimen data. --- literature reference data.
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