Recommended Plant Information Websites.

Ada Hayden Herbarium The Ada Hayden Herbarium houses specimens of Iowa's flowering plants, ferns, and conifers. This website includes links to databases and special reports dealing with general collections, the systematics of Moonworts [genus Botrychium], Iowa's grasses, bamboos of the world, and Iowa's fungi.
Climate Data This website provides pre-generated reports that answer most of the FAQs received by the Iowa Environmental Mesonet [Iowa State University Dept. of Agronomy] regarding Iowa's weather/climate.
Grasses of Iowa "Grasses of Iowa is an on-going project of the Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Department at Iowa State University designed to provide to a broad audience - the general public and professionals alike - a handy resource for the identification and evaluation of grasses."
Grinnell College Herbarium "The Grinnell College Herbarium includes a collection of over 20,000 specimens of vascular plants, bryophytes, and fungi."   This is a link to the GRI database documenting the flora of central Iowa.
Historic Vegetation Digitized maps of Iowa's native vegetation derived from township plat maps generated by the general land office's survey of Iowa during the years 1832 to 1859.
Invasive Species The forestry division of Iowa's DNR provides photos and descriptions of some invasive species' distributions, morphologies, natural histories, and techniques for management.
Invasive Species:
Roadside Invasive Species
Detailed information is provided by the Iowa Living Roadside Trust regarding 2 dozen roadside invasive plant species.
Invasive Species:
Woodland Invasive Species
This site, through Iowa State University's Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, provides information about common buckthorn, bush honeysuckle, hultiflora rose, and garlic mustard.
Iowa Academy of Science "The mission of the Iowa Academy of Science is to further scientific research, science education, public understanding of science and recognition of excellence in these endeavors. ... Information about current IAS programs can be found on the pages dedicated to science research, science education, public understanding, and recognizing great science."
Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund "This annual, competitive grant program provides funding for integrated roadside vegetation management (IRVM) activities, including the preservation, establishment, and maintenance of native vegetation along Iowa's roadsides. "
Native Plant Society "The Iowa Native Plant Society is a forum for plant enthusiasts, gardeners, and professional botanists to exchange ideas and information, and to work together to: [1] encourage conservation and ethical use of Iowa's plants, [2] promote education about Iowa's plants, their habitats and cultural habits, and the preservation of these plants and their environment, [3] appreciate and enjoy Iowa's native flora."
Natural Areas Inventory "The Iowa Natural Areas Inventory is located within the Conservation and Recreation Division of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. With a staff of three, the Inventory maintains a database about the status and distribution of threatened and endangered species of plants and animals, and natural communities, in Iowa. Staff members also conduct environmental reviews and oversee the state preserve system."
Natural Heritage Foundation "The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation protects and restores Iowa's land, water and wildlife "for those who follow." This member-supported organization's priorities include protecting priority lands, connecting natural landscapes and natural corridors, restoring natural areas, and engaging Iowans with our natural heritage."
Natural History Museum "The mission of the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History is to inspire in visitors of all ages understanding and a sense of wonder, discovery, respect and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds through exhibits, programs and collections, as well as through links with UI research and activities. "
Nature Mapping The Iowa NatureMapping program is a wildlife monitoring project involved in training individuals to observe, record information, and submit reports about terrestrial vertebrates. The Iowa NatureMapping web page is a portal allowing individuals and groups to review and analyze their data as well as information reported by other citizen scientists.
Iowa Prairie Network "The Iowa Prairie Network is a grass-roots, volunteer, non-profit, organization that is dedicated to the preservation of Iowa's prairie heritage."
Publications: Scholarly & Recreational The University of Iowa Press publishes a diverse inventory of works varying from natural history to poetry, wildlife to archaeology, biography to photography, to name a few.
Oak Savanna Restoration Timberhill Oak Savanna website provides a description of the methods being used to restore an oak savanna in Decatur County, Iowa. Changes in the plant and fungi communities are documented.
Plant Iowa Natives This group endeavours "to encourage, educate, and create awareness of native plants" for gardening, landscaping, habitat reconstruction, plant community restoration, and other projects in Iowa.
Rare and Endangered Plants in Iowa Iowa's Fragile Flora website provides information about the state's rare plants compiled from a diverse assortment of resources in the form of an interactive database, vegetation checklists, and a variety of other descriptive documents.
Silvics of North America USDA handbook summarizing the distribution, habitat, natural history, and uses of many of North America's native and introduced conifers and hardwoods.
Trees of Iowa: Identification of The Iowa State University Forestry Extension website provides a variety of tools for the identification of 70 - 75 trees species found in Iowa.
USDA: PLANTS Database "The PLANTS Database provides standardized information about the vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens of the U.S. and its territories. It includes names, plant symbols, checklists, distributional data, species abstracts, characteristics, images, crop information, automated tools, onward Web links, and references."

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