This is a work-in-progress and will conceivably be in some form of "under construction" for some time to come.

So what's the purpose?
Primary goal:
      Provide information about Iowa's vascular plants that complements and/or calls attention to work published elsewhere.

Isn't this info already available on other websites?
      Well sure!
      At least to some extent!
That's why I've provided links to a number of resources that are particularly valuable!
For example:
      1. Important information from completed and ongoing projects about Iowa's native plants is available at the Ada Hayden Herbarium.
      2. The Iowa DNR provides valuable data through their

Then isn't your website repetitive and redundant?
      My goal is to publish information that complements and/or calls attention to work published elsewhere.

What "unique" information do you want to provide?
Information about the natural history, distribution, and identification of plants in Iowa.
      Things like:
  1. An online vascular plant check list similar to that in "The Vascular Plants of Iowa: An Annotated Checklist and Natural History" [Eilers and Roosa 1994].
          Which includes:
    • Updated nomenclature and taxonomy following published volumes of the Flora of North America.
    • Taxa discovered within the state since the publication of Eilers & Roosa's text.
    • Taxa considered to be within Iowa according to FNA, but not published in Eilers & Roosa's text.
  2. Inventories of the specimens housed at several of Iowa's small herbaria.
  3. Links to online image references.
  4. Links to online plant references.
  5. * A mobile device version of this information.
  6. * Identification keys to the Iowa's vascular plants similar to that published by Richard W. Pohl's "Keys to Iowa Vascular Plants" [1975].
  7. * A catalogue of the vascular plant specimens housed in the small herbaria in Iowa.
          * Projects underway and/or being considered.

Three requests.
      [1] Should you [perhaps I ought to write, "When you ..."] find something that does not function as you think it ought, please contact me.
      [2] Similarly, should you ["When you ..."] find errors, please contact me.
      [3] If you think this site contains noteworthy information, please tell others and/or provide a link from your site to mine.

The cost to you.
      Everything posted here is free!
      Your only cost is the time necessary to use/question/suggest/criticize. [All done tastefully ... of course].
      I won't sell or share your email address.
      Nuts. I don't even want your email address, except for the purpose of responding to your message!

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As I get further into this project and become increasingly techno-savvy, I'll use other languages ... or not.

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