Distribution of Iowa's Native Maples

Acer ginnala
amur maple map Amur Maple
Acer negundo
boxelder map Boxelder
Acer nigrum
black maple map Black Maple
Acer platanoides                   (No literature references were located.)
norway maple map Norway Maple
Acer rubrum
red maple map Red Maple
Acer saccharinum
silver maple map Silver Maple
Acer saccharum
sugar maple map Sugar Maple
Acer spicatum
mountain maple map Mountain Maple
• Shading indicates a county record verified ONLY by a literature reference.
• A dot indicates a county record verified by a voucher specimen seen by the author.
• The lack of either symbol indicates the author has seen neither a voucher specimen nor a literature reference
          to indicate the given species has been found within the county.
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